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AIMLab. Values and Expectations

This page clarifies the AIMLab. Values and Expectations related to the undertaking of a research project within the lab. It is a moral contract between the lab principal investigator and the student.

AIMLab. Values


The student will work on an ambitious research project and is expected to perform his/her work at the highest scientific standard.


The student is fully dedicated to conducting and moving forward his/her research project to its completion.


Initiatives, creativity and independence are welcome and encouraged within the scope of the research project.


You are responsible to arrive at your meetings on time and arrange your calendar to reach your deadlines.


Any type of plagiarism is not allowed and is your responsibility to adhere to academic guidelines in that matter.


Authorship on publications follows the following rules (here).


good communication between teammates and with your supervisor is critical. Talk and support each other and come to your supervisor if there is an issue where you need support.


Collaboration between lab members is encouraged. It is healthy and recommended.

AIMLab. Expectations


You agree to work on your research project within the period of time that was agreed with your supervisor. Typically, two years for an MSc and 3.5 years for a PhD position. Following the end of the research project you may be requested to support the submission and handling of a publication on your research. You commit to support the handling of such paper while it is understood that this should not impair any new responsibility you have taken in your next job.

Type of works:

Working on your thesis is somewhat similar to working in a startup: you will have to work on different aspect of your project. This may include data collection, data curation, coding and writing reports/papers. You are expected to work on these different tasks as much as needed to move your project forward.


You commit not to share, email or publicly present any of your work or lab related work, documents and data without the agreement of your supervisor. Your source code should be stored on private GIT repository during the research period. Whether to release it as open source or license it will be decided by your supervisor at the point where milestones have been reached and the code is in a mature state.


It is required that you respond to your supervisor emails within a descent amount of time. Failure to keep your supervisor updated for too long may results in decision being made without your approval such as publishing your work or the project being aborted.

Data protection:

The AIMLab. is working with anonymized medical data. Despite these data being anonymized it is forbidden to share them with anyone outside the laboratory or keep a copy on a private computer. These data should be solely stored on the faculty servers and be accessed and processed via secured connection to the lab servers.

AIMLab. Commitment


The aim lab will provide an adequate working environment to the research student. This includes a desk, access the necessary computing equipment and other lab professional and social activities.

Research guidance:

The principal investigator provides research guidance to the student along his/her research journey to the point of completion.

AIMLab. Minimal Viable lab. Rules (MVP)

You are mostly free to arrange your time as you wish and work in the way that is most comfortable and enjoyable for you. However, there are a few lab rules that need to be stated front and you are expected to obey by them if you want to join the team:

  • Be in the lab between 9am-3pm at least two days per week. Whether you prefer to start your day earlier or finish it late at night is your choice. To ensure the lab has core hours with people working together you must be in during these hours on a normal day.

  • Use source control for your code. A lab private GITHUB repository will be available and you are requested to work with it. This is for your own benefit! It will avoid losing months because you lost or broke your code.

  • The laboratory is closed on Shabbat.

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